After a rather long blogging sabbatical,  I have been coaxed to start writing again by Steven White the Journalist who has started up an online newspaper for Morley.

You can find stuff about street furniture at and my take on singing at

More to come!

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I am getting a large number of spam comments that Akismet isn’t catching.

As it has become a pain, I’ve closed off comments on old posts (over 90 days).

If you really want to comment on something, do it here.

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Being called shades of grey…

I wonder if my hit counts have gone up?

Nothing pervy here, apart from the incoming comments on the “Navy Blue knickers” post that are a bit iffy on occasion.

I was tagged on facebook in this photo though…

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Godspell to be staged in Morley next week

From today’s Obtiser…

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I am Spartacus…

Story here, here, here, even here.

My view here. (NSFW)

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