Missing in action…

The Morley Town Council mailing list has disappeared. No announcements or apologies, just deletion.

Karen (The Wife one) says it might have been deleted by mistake, but this is very unlikely as when you choose the delete list option it goes through an are you sure? consequences routine.

It would seem that someone perhaps doesn’t like the potential risk of what could be posted up there, e.g. opinions that don’t align with the party line and are therefore “inappropriate” in PC speak.

It wasn’t a particularly good mailing list, being inactive for long periods and populated by the usual suspects with entrenched opinions.

However, it was a communication channel for many Morleians and even had admirers from visitors abroad. To delete it unannounced in such a fashion is immature, childish, petty and vindictive. It is the sort of thing the Labour Party would do, not the new occupants of the “Morley Numptorium”