How big is your bunch?

When I was in my teens, my bunch of keys was very modest- a single tumbler lock key for the front door of our house, generally referred to as a Yale. When I was sixteen or so, I was given a school master key by the caretakers. It was one of three master keys (East, West & Lower School) and I was somewhat privileged to have one but it was to open a store cupboard where the Disco & lighting was stored. I was always a little envious of Colin at the City Hall, who had a building bunch to die for. I took great pleasure in clipping it onto by belt loops when I had just cause to borrow it (for relamping, providing access to hall hirers and being left in charge when he nipped out to Southern Fried Rat in the Haymarket). Bunch envy!

I was reminded of this last night, when I noticed the Town Hall Custodians with their big bunches clipped to their kecks. I imagine this won’t be all the keys, just the ones needed on a regular basis. Anyway, I thought I’d share my bunch with the bloggersphere, currently ten keys and a trolley/locker coin on one of those rings you can split in two which was a slimmer of the month prize many years ago.

Ten keys? Front door/back door/front gate/back gate/garage/desk/UPS/car/steering lock/one I’m not certain about!

Update: I’ve remembered what the mystery key is- it is for network cabinets at work. I can’t count either, there are ten (I had nine originally).

Blogger JMB has declared it a meme. Get your bunches out…