Creepy goings on at Morley Town Hall

Lanterns on the Town Hall stairs

I was surprised to see a large crowd of 4′ tall undead chasing around the corridors of Morley Town Hall tonight, but there again, it was the first Morley lantern festival. Lanterns were judged on the town hall steps, there was a disco inside with cake, biscuits & drinks, you could bob for apples ( to win a toffee apple) and there was even a Pumpkin shaped Piñata for the kids to clobber at the end of the evening.

The event was very popular (well, the price was right) The fire limit had been arbitarily set at 300 but way more turned up than that and someone took the executive decision to ignore health & safety & just let them in. (It wasn’t a problem, I’ve seen the hall more crowded at jumble sales.

The Pumpkin Piñata

(We left a little before the end, so we don’t know if it was as much of a partial success as chasing the dragon back in the Spring). David’s costume wasn’t very Halloween-like, although he had a vampire outfit in a carrier bag if the whimsy took him. (It didn’t.)

Pumpkin Cake

Scary DavidBiscuitsApple bobbing

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  1. What a great photo of the lanterns. I didn’t realize they celebrated Halloween there. I don’t remember it when I lived there all those years ago.
    Happy Halloween.

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