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One hit wonders- The Look

This was an interesting Single in that the playout groove continued the record endlessly. I can only assume that they had worked out that 45RPM gave them a 1.333 second repeating opportunity at the end of the song so if … Continue reading

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Web roundup

Here are a few bits and pieces that have caught my eye recently: Bradford Odeon Rescue Group have announced plans for a scheme that refurbishes rather than removes the building: (click to enlarge) Vanity Fair do a feature on the … Continue reading

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Get your eggs quickly…

As of this morning, ASDA Morley still had a couple of thousand Cadburys Smarties Easter Eggs at 50p each. (They were £1 each last Tuesday and £2 each before Easter). They are going fast though, I reckon they’ll all be … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty suffocated

I love theatres, old and new. Once Britain had thousands of them, the building of a new theatre being the equivalent of the developer cash cow in the Victorian age. As time went on and the silver screen took over … Continue reading

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Taking photos in public

I take a lot of photos, so sooner or later I’m going to have a run-in with some obnoxious, ill-informed knobhead like this one: There is currently an Early Day Motion on the topic Tabled in Parliament which already has … Continue reading

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