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The new Thomas Land at Drayton ManorDrayton Manor Park is a relatively unknown theme park (and Zoo) located near Tamworth in the Midlands. Whilst not having a decent Woodie (i.e. a wooden rollercoaster) it does have a number of excellent rides including a stunning pendulum ride called Maelstrom, a truly scary drop tower called Apocalypse with three variants of torture (seated, standing and supported only by your genitals). It also has what has to be the worlds most drenching water ride, Stormforce 10 (even wetter than Blackpool’s Valhalla but glorious on a summer day).

David and I went on a very intense new coaster there last time called G-Force where the safety belt is a large metal band that  holds you at hip level. Unfortunately, however, as you go on the ride it pulls ever tighter and both of us were in pain by the end. latest attraction is a themed land known as Thomas Land, recreating the Reverend Awdry’s fictional island of Sodor, where Thomas the Tank Engine lives.

Apparently the Reverend wasn’t overly keen on the TV series which featured Ringo Starr as the Narrator. I don’t know what he’s make of Drayton’s version which features seven rides and a huge gift shop. (There is a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise to be had).

The new land has its own website: Thomas and Friends. have also written a history book about Drayton Manor  called “Memories of a Family Fun Park” which I will look forward to buying next time I’m there.(I like that sort of thing.) The vintage sign on the front cover calls it an “inland pleasure resort”!

As a nice little story to finish off, Karen heard Chris Evans talking about it on the radio. Apparently the Gran of a small boy aged six actually called Thomas Land wrote to the park and he is now guest of honour on Saturday with a free season ticket . The story is here!

A young boy from Sutton Coldfield has been immortalised at Drayton Manor Theme Park, near Tamworth, Staffordshire, by sharing his name with its brand new attraction.

Six-year-old Thomas Land will be the special guest for the unveiling of the £5m Thomas LandTM, on Saturday 15th March, when the whole theme park re-opens for its 2008 season.

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