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Stage by stage- Part 2

This was the Kenton School stage that never was- the West Hall. The school was planned as two single sex schools but opened as one large comprehensive. This hall was converted into a lecture theatre with the seats generally arranged … Continue reading

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Pirates off the Port bow…

Pirates of the Carribean is a signature Disney ride at four of the five Disney theme parks, California, Florida, Tokyo and Paris. (There is talk of building one at Hong Kong as well). It is essentially a boat based ride … Continue reading

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Stage by stage, Part 1

Revisiting my old school, the halls brought back a lot of memories. The lower school hall (now called the South Hall) was not very theatrical but it did have a balcony and a large dimmer in the stage left cupboard … Continue reading

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Camera Obscura

The title simply means “dark room” but it was a Victorian technology trick par excellence. My first Camera Obscura was in Bristol in the 70s, in Clifton overlooking the suspension bridge. A former snuff mill had been converted to a … Continue reading

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Fright Nights

An email went round work yesterday about a sponsored spook-sit at Bolling Hall in November. by the catering staff. The idea is to spend an overnight session in all the scary bits of the hall, where the unexplained things happen. … Continue reading

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