Stage by stage- part 3

The East Hall- the main stage at my old school and topic of several previous ramblings.

This is a shot of the final performance straight after the Finale’ the house lights have just been switched on. A pyro confetti device had just been set off at the very end, hence the smoke. The hall now has a lighting box at the back, an unexpected innovation. I was pleased to see some moving lights on the front bar and whatever was in the alcoves either side was capable of changing colour. This was a major improvement on my time when it held a Focus Lantern, a glorified tin box with a 1000 Watt lamp inside and a 6″ plano-convex lens on the front.

The hall was closed off during the afternoon as they were setting up for the evening show, however I stepped through the backstage pass door just to soak in the memories. There is now fixed masking in the form of side flats and a timber cyclorama but all of the original drape borders, legs and fixings have been stripped out.