Pirates of the Irish sea

When we knew we were spending a week on the Isle of man, we looked into what was on whilst we were there. Three things stood out- a comedy club evening in the Villa Marina, a Musical in the Gaiety Theatre and a special exhibition about Radio Caroline in the 1960s. Inevitably, we did all three.

The exhibition was in the temporary exhibition space at the House of Manannan in Peel and was free. I hadn’t realised that there had been two Radio Carolines, a North one and a South one. I won’t retell the Caroline story as it is already well documented and I didn’t really start listening to the radio until round about 1970 anyway so missed most of the “fun”. Here are a few thumbnails with hover text.

I enjoyed the exhibit considerably and afterwards felt the urge to create this de-motivational poster.

The exhibit is on until January 2nd