Theatrical jumble

Our new season mailing for the Leeds City Varieties arrived yesterday. On the insert that had our address on it was a note that they were having a clearout sale of assorted stuff cleared out of the attic before the refurbishment starts in the spring. Curiousity got the better of me and we popped in this afternoon.

What a sight- Decades of collected stuff, some of it unused, presumably bought for things that never happened. Costumes, props & Christmas decorations were arranged around the auditorium whilst on the stage you could buy backcloths, ceramic ware (i.e. sinks, toilets and urinals), panto posh frocks and even a box of miscellaneous lamps for stage lighting. There were boxes of wine coolers, old computers and ancient office equipment, who knows what had already gone…

Probably generating the most interest was thirty or so binders on a table. These were the files for “Repros”, pictures of the turns with their Agent contact details. Many were very famous, others less so. Whilst we were browsing, a young girl suddedly shrieked with shock- she had found one of her Mum!

I lashed out 50p and bought two, Show of Hands and Lindisfarne. Here are some snaps of the event, no flash so slightly blurry.

The event is also on tomorrow (Sunday 10th) so if you are in Yorkshire pop along between 10am and 4pm and buy something, even if you don’t want it. They still have a £1m to raise and every little helps!