A new life for Morley’s theatre?

Our former 1911 New pavilion theatre, most recently incarnated as a smart restaurant (which suddenly closed in 2005 after less than a year of trading) is now showing signs of life. A for sale/to let sign has gone up above the entrance as a “leisure opportunity” and there is some remedial work going on up on the roof.

Something else slight odd is that two windows are open, but it is probably not obvious that there is mesh in the windows behind so it is probably for ventilation, suggesting a leaky roof and damp on the wall, presumably strripped back.

I have already passed the details on to J D Weatherspoon who have good form on retaining interesting buildings as successfiul real ale pubs.

5 Replies to “A new life for Morley’s theatre?”

  1. It occurs to me that Weatherspoons are music free pubs which rules out novelty nights etc. so it might not get quite as much repeat business in a town than it would in a City. Apparently the one in Batley is popular though.

  2. I have fond memories of this from my youth. I used to go to the Saturday morning pictures alongside half of the kids in Morley.

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