Cathedral City

We intended to go to the new improved York Maze today but on arrival we were warned that it was extremely muddy inside and our combined footwear of two pairs of Crocs and some old trainers were probably not ideal. Instead, we popped into York to do a bit of shopping.

Even though we live in Yorkshire, we probably don’t go to York often enough and it is easy to overlook what a fantastic City it is. It is a Medieval walled city and much of the wall survives, along with a layout straight out of the middle ages. Everywhere you go there is heritage and for a Sunday the centre was very bustling indeed. It is my second favourite Medieval City after Berne in Switzerland (The bear pits and the child eater swing it for me).

Of course it is a big tourist attraction with the Cathedral and the National Railway Museum but it is full of literally hundreds of small specialist shops along with old fashioned pubs. A particular favourite of mine from my childhood is the Castle Museum with its Victorian street, which has had a big makeover so is due another visit.

Fortunately, I took pocket snappy™ with me so reproduce a few shots of what was going on.