Dusty old photos

In a change to blogging style, rather than wait for something interesting to happen and then blogging about it (which can be awkward sometimes when noting of note happens) I’m having a rummage through my archive of old photos, choosing a couple, scanning them and then talking about them. Sometimes it might only result in a sentence or two, other times a lengthly story, we shall see.

Back in 1988, on reaching the grand age of thirty and increasingly disappointed with Corporate life, I decided on a change of career direction. I found a job I knew I would like (despite halving my salary) and having left the Corporate Comfort of Northern Telecom with some holiday owing, I went off on a brief holiday to the Greek island of Domestos Aegina, the closest island to Athens, although still an hour or two by ferry ship.

I stayed at the Hotel Apollo near Agia Marina and I signed up for the various cultural trips during the day, whilst relaxing in the evening in the local hostelry, the appropriately named Red Cock.

Whilst on one of my several visits to Athens, I was wandering around the old town in the shadow of the Acropolis, when suddenly this flat hatted Ninja Warrior swept out of a side street and strode purposefully onwards, turning into a side street.

Curious, I followed him and was delighted to find myself in the religious equivalent of Habitat. Here were numerous shops selling church paraphernalia: Pulpits, Screens and huge gaudy light fittings. Here is a taster.