The Musical Museum, Brentford

This picture is of Frank Holland MBE, the original owner of the collection at the Brentford Museum when it was housed in an old Church. He died in 1989 and this photo is probably from the year before.

I particularly like the portrait of him looking “scrubbed up”. Frank couldn’t read or play music but was fascinated in mechanical means of playing. The Wurlitzer Organ Console behind him was originally in the Regal, Kingston upon Thames.

Nowadays, the Museum is in a swish new building next door to where the old Church was, funded by the sale of the original site which Frank had the good sense to buy freehold a long time ago (if I remember correctly).

I haven’t been since they moved as it has been a long time getting finished, being ran as a charity by volunteers. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the fascinating instruments again in due course.

(Musical Museum Website)