The Silver Jubilee

I was up from Coventry visiting my Mum & Dad at kenton Bar on June 7th. Two Jubilee things struck me as odd- our rather insular estate (Cheviot View, also called the Leach Estate after the builder) had put out the flags, although on closer inspection, the banner appears to have twisted upside down.

Another change was that the Man on the Moon Pub in town had been renamed the Jubilee, which probably didn’t go down too well with the clientele who tended to be denim wearing heavies.

The Man on the Moon was renamed to that titleĀ  in 1969 after the Apollo 11 Moon landing, originally being called the Man in the Moon.

I can remember visiting the Pub at some stage after April 1976, arriving just as large numbers of Geordie Scuffers were pouring out. I was witnessing the tail end of a raid (i was legally old enough by then, although I had been drinking in there for at least 18 months sporadically). and was bemused to find a mate of mine looking miserable at the Bar- he was eighteen the next month and had had his collar felt…