A large Organ

Digger was an old friend from Coventry and I recommended him for a job at Nortel in Maidenhead, where I had been established for a year or so. He became my lodger for a few years and asked if I was OK with him bringing his Organ, originally from Blackpool North Pier.

I was fine with that, being rather fond of such things. Here is a shot of him playing, probably The shadow of your smile, a stock standard of his.

Here he is again, with his future Wife, Trisha.

I think he took the Organ with him to his first house, but eventually sold it abd bought a Yamaha. (An electric piano, not a bike…)

I notice that with the exception of the old clock, I still have all those fittings, the table (in bits in the loft), the chairs (around the house) along with the ship print (in the lounge) and the mirrors (in the hall and downstairs loo).

The cheeseplant died though…