Old Hi-Fi

Here is a shot of my lounge shortly after I moved into my first house in Maidenhead. Originally the whole house had a hideous colour scheme but I decorated the Lounge first as a bolthole to relax in. (I made the mistake of starting to decorate everywhere at once and had to get my Dad to finish it, having bitten off more than I could chew).

Whilst it looks rather Indian Restaurant in the first shot, the flock paper was only on one wall. I fell in love with the three piece suite (2nd hand from Courts) and that inspired the rest of the colour scheme. Once I had put up the red velour curtains, the nets went!

On the arm of the sofa is the remote control- a huge Philips model shaped like a cheese wedge that controlled both the Telly and the V2000 Video, funded from the proceeds of my Saudi year.

The telly and the VCR can be seen here, the video was fairly huge but could fast forward and freeze frame without any noise bars whatsoever. The rest of the Hi-Fi was bought from Norway proceeds up in Newcastle, a Technics SL10 direct drive turntable and Goodmans Mezzo speakers (which I eventually sold to Digger when I replaced them with Missions).

The album is Dumb Waiters by the Korgis, by the way. which had the hit single- “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”.