Chalk & cheese

This was Alex Carlyle, the software specialist at Nortel when I started there. As we were both batchelors, we went drinking occasionally, although we were something of opposites. He had bought himself a tiny detached house which needed a lot of work doing then built himself a mammoth shed to restore vintage cars in. (I just did without a car, then bought a new one when I needed one).

His house always felt cold, whereas mine was always sweltering. I once made a lunch for us using a crock-pot and cook in sauce- when he reciprocated he cooked from raw ingredients and I discovered that Ginger could be bought raw.

He married an 18+ Member, I dragged him along to Caister one year (probably 1985) and he met his future wife sitting on the pink plastic hippo in the pool.

(I can’t be bothered to find the picture of the hippo but I do have it somewhere!)