A tinge of sadness

In the 90s, we had a bit of a gang of older ex-18 Plussers, still organising events and known colloquially as “Renegade” . We had an annual trip to Center Parcs, various parties (30ths, then 40ths, now 50ths) and a few trips abroad, notably to Paris and Amsterdam.

This picture was taken on Brighton Pier. It was a planning weekend and an excuse for a few beers and a meet up. I’m the little girl, the Dad is Martyn, the Mum is Dave Dom and the baby is Charles who acquired the nickname “Pampers”  after a particularly funny impromptu cabaret at Center Parcs when he was dressed in an improvised nappy.

Sadly, Charles accidentally killed himself and this sent shock waves through Renegade and Eighteen Plus as well, him still being active at National level. Charles, we still miss you, rest in peace…