Open Day FAIL


Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s fantastic architecture and culture by offering free access to properties that are usually closed to the public or normally charge for admission. Every year on four days in September, buildings of every age, style and function throw open their doors, ranging from castles to factories, town halls to tithe barns, parish churches to Buddhist temples. It is a once-a-year chance to discover hidden architectural treasures and enjoy a wide range of tours, events and activities which bring to life local history and culture.

Free of charge and literally on people’s doorstep, Heritage Open Days is an event for everyone, whatever their background, age and ability.

It is Heritage Open Weekend, but the website directory appears to be broken at the moment and the Google Cache isn’t too useful either.


UPDATE 10pm Friday- the site is showing vague signs of life but it is still very sick…

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4 Replies to “Open Day FAIL”

  1. The visitors will just have to find them the old fashioned way, as they did before the internet. So what are you going to visit and highlight for us, or are you stymied?

  2. JMB, I’d been looking for a couple of weeks now, however we have already done most of the ones we want to do, or they are during work time which isn’t quite so much use.

    We might be doing something over the weekend, in which case I’ll report on it.

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