Gone to the great gig in the sky

Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright has died after a short struggle with Cancer, aged 65.

What more fiting song to remember him by than this one that he wrote for Dark side of the Moon, released 1973 and still going strong after 35 years.

Richard Wright, 1943-2008, RIP

The clock ticks but the bells are silent…

The town hall clock is playing up again in Morley. The chiming mechanism has been turned off because it keeps getting out of sync with the timekeeping mechanism after power cuts which appear to be happening with monotonous regularity. The local paper has the story here.

THE clock on Morley Town Hall is to remain silent until the money can be found by Leeds City Council for a major change in its mechanism.

I don’t have any (non-burnt out) photos of inside the bell tower (as the safety elf won’t let me in) but you can find three Leodis pictures here and three by Gareth Beevers here.

I want to dig a bit more into this story and will talk to the Properties people to see what the options are.  It sounds like they may be trying to replace the old mechanism with a new electronic one that can be turned off when required and whilst that has some merit the clock is a landmark in Morley whose future needs to be carefully considered as it is part of the Grade One listing.