A busy day…

I do a bit of low key surfing whilst I eat my rabbit food at work. (It is allowed in moderation provided it doesn’t impact on workload). I generally visit Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale, the Adam Smith Institute and a couple of tecchy ones. (Silicon.com, the Register).

Today, I took my lunch break over the space of about ninety minutes, as I was intermittently doing some remote access testing for some colleagues off-site as well as answering the phone. Towards the end by the time I got down to my Muller lite yogurt I had a quick look here and noticed that Womble and Marty had commented about schools choice.

Deciding to look at the Heckmondwike Grammar site again we noticed that this evening was the second of two open evenings. After a quick conflab with Karen and a re-check on the admissions policy we decided it was definitely worth a look.

What did we find? the same as Ofsted, an outstanding school. Last year about 700 children sat the entrance exam for 150 places. About two hundred of them reached the standard. From these, about 50 were in the catchment area and 25 qualified under siblings rules so there were 75 places available to out of area children, allocated to the other applicants in order of attainment. About thirty or so apply to go on the waiting list and some parents end up not taking up the places (as it isn’t their first choice) so roughly half of them end up with a place.

They look like good odds to me. If David is clever enough, he stands a good chance. If he isn’t, then the Morley Schools will servr him well. I did worry about the stress it might cause him having to sit an entrance exam, but the Head Teacher said that they are fairly relaxed affairs in small groups with soft drinks in between the two tests and they tend to be much more stressful for the Parents sitting outside in their cars worrying!

Thanks for the advice, commentarians, I’ll report more on what I saw and heard when I have contrasted it with the non-selective schools over the next couple of weeks.