Short fat hairy legs

The big news in Morley is that there is going to be a third new statue in the town, of Morecambe & Wise straight man, Ernie Wise.

It is going to be funded by Ernie’s Widow, Doreen Wiseman.

I was in the Town Hall a couple of months ago and noticed some concept art by the sculptor who did the two Town Hall statues, Terry the Miner & Judith the weaver.

The design and the location are not agreed yet, but I suggested outside the Morley New Pavilion as that is where Ernie made his stage debut in a talent show (although it seems he performed with his Dad in the clubs as well).

Failing that, it should go in East Ardsley, the nearby district where he actually lived.


A close up of the two lower drawings

No prizes for working out the inspiration for this particular pose!

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  1. As Ernie is a comedian for the older generation, I wonder why it took all this time to decide to erect a statue? Ten years after his death!
    Who should be the subject of our next statue; an author or a celebrity chef?

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