Non-techies look away now…

Whilst searching for something techy at work today via the Internet, I stumbled across a fascinating site for CIX

It  is the Cork Internet Exchange and they have blogged their planning and development for their new facility over the last two years.

Cork Internet eXchange is Cork city’s first professional quality, debt-free data centre, slated to open in Summer 2007.

It strikes me as delightfully Irish- they are doing it properly but they are very relaxed about it and proud of their achievements. Contrast that to the British approach- I once found that there was a massive Mobile Phone technical facility in Morley but it didn’t have any signage, I only found out when I hand-delivered something technical I sold on eBay. (They were pleased to tell me about it but there was no way I could have seen inside the secure areas without forms signed in triplicate by Vogons). 

The best way to read up on Cix is to start at the earliest entries and move forwards by clicking on Next Entries > at the bottom.  Enjoy the Craic…

4 Replies to “Non-techies look away now…”

  1. To be fair to the mobile phone facility, you don’t generally advertise a DC in meatspace, it’s just asking someone to reverse a truck into it and fill it up with servers. Of course servers depreciate massively and are hard to resell – people generally don’t buy machines without warranties – but then the criminals that keep ending up in jail are hardly the brightest…

    You don’t need to fill in forms in triplicate to get into our DC, you just need permission. And photo ID. 🙂

    Give us a shout if you’re in Cork and I’ll walk you around.


  2. Adam, the local building has substantial fencing to keep the tinkers out as well as ram raid pillars, cameras & 24 hour guards. The mast is a fairly lantant clue as to what is probably inside the building of course, as it is in your case as well.

    should I ever get to Cork, I’ll come knocking!

  3. Our mast is lost in the sea of masts up out way anyway, cos we’re up top of a hill.

    Ping me via my own blog if that’s the case, the lads’d think you were mad if you arrived on the doorstep. 🙂

    Thanks for the post.


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