Policing our schools

dogThe three Morley High schools are going to get a Policeman dedicated to them. Not that there is a problem with crime or anything,move on Sir, nothing to see here.

“Our schools are very safe places to be already and by working even closer together we can ensure that both our schools and the local communities within the Morley NPT area become even safer”.

That slightly contradicts with “tackling onsite problems”, but never mind.

(The Obtiser article is here)

I think there might be one or two difficulties with this in the actual implementation. Morley Town Council funded a full time Police Officer dedicated to the Town centre.  This was a partial success, though, as it had one or two unintended consequences.

  • As he could only concentrate on the Town Centre, this didn’t actually lead to increased policing there, just an opportunity for over-stretched sergeants to spread the pain more widely
  • If he actually arrested some scratter for something like shoplifting, he’d be off the streets for the rest of the day going through that long winded palarver known as custody booking in procedure
  • If he was off on training or off sick, that was it, he wasn’t available. He wasn’t actually backfilled or anything

(The Town Council now fund Plastic Plod, otherwise known as Blunketts Bobbies).

Another slightly disturbing comment is from one of the Heads- 

a great asset to the school – another pair of eyes and ears.

I would have thought that the mouth would be the biggest asset, after all, they have security cameras already. My biggest concern is scope creep, where all the citizenship stuff gradually takes a back seat to DNA collection. All it takes is the allegation of a threatening SMS text these days to be off down the station and having your mouth scraped.

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  1. I have sat on school appeal panels and have some knowledge of the subject,there aer certain
    schools in Leeds that need a permanent police presence four or five at the most,what the

    council,Education leeds and west yorkshire police are doing is wasting resources in a
    pathetic effort to stop the reputations of certain schools been dragged further down,The
    police must have no criminals to catch.

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