Out with the old- in with the new

The new bed- not entirely finished. The three shelves on the right are actually the steps up.So, we spent the morning after the weekly shop dismantling David’s bed. After lunch, we unpacked the three large heavy flatpack boxes, checked the contents (with a bit of head scratching) and started the long, painful process known as self-assembly furniture. As ever, the instructions left a little (and sometimes a lot) to be desired.

Anyway, by teatime, it was just awaiting the three drawers, the keyboard tray and the hanger rail inside the end wardrobe. All done now, apart from the wardrobe rail, as we will probably have to send David inside to do it.  (After he gets back from sweeping chimneys).

The old bed blocking the doorway of the spare bedroom.Meanwhile, the spare room is a little out of action. The bits will be garaged until we find a buyer, or indeed someone to take them away. (They do seem to be anything but in short supply on eBay).

In some ways, the old bed was more substantial, being steel framed rather than just made from sheets of MDF with a cheap veneer on it. Still, what else would you expect buying it from the likes of B & Q.

It does, however, make good use of the space and David can happily sit up in bed now without head injuries. I think we could do with some non-slip strips on those steps though.

Ikea have their own mattress standards and the old one wouldn’t have quite fitted in the new frame, being slightly wider.

David is looking forward to testing it tonight.

Bye bye boy’s bed

David’s old Ikea bed has now been dismantled. Here is an auction snap of it when it had been cleared but before we started with the Allen key. Still some stickers to remove if we find a buyer!This is my camera in auction mode- four pictures in one. Notice Karen defying gravity bottom left...
There isn’t anything wrong with the bed, it is just that there isn’t enough clearance for David to sit up any more!

He is getting another loft bed, but a shorter one. Of course, if we lived in an older house we would have much higher ceilings…

David chose the colour scheme for his bedroom, no prizes for guessing what his favourite colour is…