We are all fools today…

When the Boss’s Boss called me early this morning to say there was a power problem in the Data Centre, it never occurred to me that it could be an April Fool until I was reasonably close to work thirty minutes later, having skipped breakfast, shower, packed lunch and a shave. (Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, there was a real problem that I was pleasingly able to rectify reasonably quickly).

It did mean that David was unable to spring a trick on me and he possibly even suspected that my not being there may have been an April Fool…

Not having heard of the 12 Noon rule, the Wii Fit tried to trick us that the balance board wasn’t working earlier this evening.  Very droll the first time you see it and a hat tip to the programmers for a (rather small) easter egg there.

I’ve been trying to remember any really class previous April Fool tricks played on me or by me and disappointingly I have to say that none spring to mind, other than the trivial ones like changing a phone default language to Italian or Japanese. A colleague said they had one planned to spring on me but in view of the real problems they abandoned it. (A minor one today was the discovery that it is possible to change the “Ready” message on printer displays to something else, like “System Meltdown”.  A valid business use for this functionality was proposed, as well as the silly opportunities of the day).

Meanwhile, the flags are out in Morley, although I don’t think the Councillors have anything to celebrate about, other than our notorious Junction 27 roundabout works being nearly complete. I no longer feel the need to avoid that corner of the area now as the new traffic light timings seem to be working well.

As to the G20 and the protests, I think Counting Cats says it best:

The G20 protests in London today consist mainly of four columns advancing from different directions on The City.

Each is headed up by a (symbolic) horse and represents the Four Horsemen (in reality the four pedestrians looking like novelty runners in a marthon) of the Apocalypse of Capitalism.

The symbolism is delicious. These protests are organised by Greens, Anarchists, Anti-Capitalists and Comunists… Otherwise known as Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.