A new template…

There are probably a few bugs in it but I think it is easier to read than the old one- once the background appears.

I’ve been playing about with another one but the photo layouts didn’t work, so I searched for themes with “Grey” in the title.

This seemed clean and not too quirky. It also seems to work with feedreader blogroll, which I’m tinkering with.

(I’ve taken to surfing via Google Reader recently which saves a lot of visits to moribund blogs but isn’t as cozy as seeing the familiar themes going straight to the home page.)

Giz a job…

keeperToday, the Mobile phone giant O2 came to David’s school to talk about careers. To make it more interesting, the children in Year 5 and Year 6 were encouraged to dress up as the job they thought they might like to do when they grow up. I’m told that there were various trades represented; cooks, nurses,  lawyers, builders, architects, games designers, teachers. (One of the teaching assistants came as a doctor.)

David dressed up as a Keeper and there was a blatant clue with his hat that said Dudley Zoological Gardens. That still didn’t stop several people guessing that he was a gardener though, including one of the teachers.

I’m not sure that monkeys feature as horticultural tools though…

David doesn’t show any inclination to want to go and work in the mobile Telecommunications business, so O2 weren’t overly persuasive. 

I have no recollection as to what I wanted to be when I was at Primary school. Certainly once I became stage-struck in my early teens it was technical theatre that I wanted to do which became refined towards a Degree in Lighting (Engineering, not Theatre) which it was possible to do at South Bank Poly. However, when I went there as part of the milk round, I was stunned to find out that they had dumped the course, despite still being in the prospectus. 

My Dad was quite keen for me to consider the Navy and I did enquire down at the careers office about Officer Cadetships. However when I looked more closely into it, I was barred by nature of my myopia. I am hugely short-sighted after getting German Measles as an infant, with my uncorrected focal distance being about 3″-6″. Being a hormonal teenager, I also found it rather prurient that another possible reason for being barred was Fissure of Anus

I stumbled over the video below which is also rather prurient, hat tip Obnoxio for pointing me to the site and hat tip Canucklehead for the video buried deep within the motivational style pictures.

(Not very safe for work or family)