Tomorrow, the clock strikes thirteen.

1984 starts as follows…

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

That was set on April 4th, 1984, although George Orwell actually wtote most of it in 1944 and was originally going to call the book Nineteen-fortty-eight.

Twenty five years (and two days) later, the total panopticon ratchet tightens up several clicks. From tomorrow, for Britons, every phone call you make or receive, every email you send or receive, every web site you visit, will be logged and retained. 

We are told it isn’t the contents of your communication, (yet), the State isn’t opening every virtual envelope, just making a note of what is written on the outside. That is an awful lot of data and is very useful for fishing expeditions.

How long before anonymizing services get blocked by ISPs, on a “voluntary basis” of course?

This is all to do with The War Against Terror, being implemented on behalf of Yoorop by those T.W.A.T.ters in Parliament.

Here is one way to give the spooks the finger, courtesy of Ian PJ at the Libertarian Party.

Meanwhile, the lyrics to this song get more sinister each time I hear them.

Collective nouns

We had our first trip to Lotherton Hall today, an Edwardian Mansion and extensive grounds bequeathed to Leeds in 1968. 

Leaving the bird garden, I noticed a number of words in the wrought ironwork gates. I was puzzled by what they meant at first, then I discovered the explanation painted around the canopy of the entrance porch-like structure.

See how well you know your birds.








murmuration- accidentally cropped!

Answers below the fold (assuming you can see a fold, I published it in the wrong place so RSS might have put it too far down.)

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