Those luddite watermelons…

It seems that those of a green disposition really hate us, almost as much as they despise themselves. I swore at the radio this morning when some greeny on the Today programme accused E.On of crimes against humanity because of burning coal after 114 people were arrested apparently about to try to shut the Ratcliffe on Soar power station down. We’ll have enough power cuts to look forward to in coming years already with our shambolic energy policy without misguided swampys throwing spanners in the works. Putting aside whether co2 is actually harmful or not, if we can’t generate enough electricity to meet consumer demand then society will rapidly regress to something akin to soviet-style russia.

Then I swore at the newspaper when I read about the MEP accusing us of  Binge flying being as bad as stabbing a person on the street. That is rich coming from an MEP- the junket of moving between Brussels & Strasbourg must fill several Bread & Circus tents with Carbon Dioxide.

Then I swore at the computer when I read about David Attenborough’s joining of the Optimum Population Trust. They have a pledge to stop at two children you can sign. For years now, we hve been told that Europe is a declining population, that the growth is down to Africans, Chavs  & Muzzies who don’t know or care about contraception. Indeed population growth in Britain is down to more hopeful immigrants coming in than so-called white flight emigrants leaving trying for a better life elsewhere.

The Optimum Population Trust believes that Earth may not be able to support more than half its present numbers before the end of this century, and that the UK’s long-term sustainable population level may be lower than 30 million. 

Well, if our energy supply is knackered, our economy is a busted flush and we are living in Yurts then they are probably right.

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  1. Where do I start, lol.

    I am happy that 114 people were detained IF they were intent on doing harm, but it seems that in some cases the CCTV should be pointed at the police and not the protesters.

  2. This Green/climate change thing always reminds me of a column Keith Waterhouse (a good Leeds lad!) wrote back in the late Eighties, in which he was pondering the fall of Communism, and what all the studenty Socialist Worker right-on types(and I am not meaning you Nigel; I have never met you!) would do with themselves now that they couldn’t shout in the street, harrassing people on their way to work, as their creed had been shown to be outdated,evil(in some cases), corrupt and basically full of vested interests.

    Mr Waterhouse surmised that these people would find something else to shout about. He thought the rise of PC would do it. Then of course, Mandela was released. So I think what happened was this…..

    “Bugger”, thought the minority masses. “Now what we gonna do? Christ, Trafalgar Square has become my full-time home (except when I go home to Mummy at the weekend, but that’s not the point)”

    “Oh”, says one, a student scientist. “Look at this lads and wimmin. A report from our rich and qualified colleagues in the US. It contains a well-written, and uncontested publically-funded essay refuting our views that we were just about to have a new Ice Age. Still, never mind lads (and wimmin), we can get years of fruitful grants (sorry, research) out of this, and continue to lecture the unsuspecting workers along the way!
    You know, the normal people. Lesser than us, because “We Are Scientists”. As a bonus, one day we will give that name to a crap Pop group.

    And let me warn you now, if any of you beggars dare to disagree with this “global-warming” theory in the future, then prepare to be cast into a career and social precipice, as we wave at you with the cheques. Kindly provided by the normal, lesser people who I believe call themselves “the taxpayer”

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