Mangling; the Queens’ English

You might expect a Greengrocer to write muddled captions but the Morley Obtiser had the following in very large font:

No police as men intrude nursery

This didn’t make sense to me, the use of intrude as something you do to something rather than in it. I don’t think it is an Americanism, indeed the mighty Google can find no example on the interweb of those last two words used in that order.

Was it done in a rush? Perhaps they started with invade nursery then decided it was a bit strong so used a Thesaurus. Perhaps the journalist is not a native english speaker, or Johnston Press no longer care.

(The story isn’t important enough to be put online, apparently three travellers were involved but the story doesn’t elaborate as to why they wouldn’t leave and concentrates more on discussion about Police response to the non-urgent number. Indeed the story write-up can only be described as unhelpful as it is contradictory. It gave a local Councillor a soap box to spout forth from though).

p.s. the apostrophe is meant to be in the wrong place in the title, as well as the semi-colon. It is supposed to be ironic…