Morley in Bloom

Morleys was really buzzing this morning, with the length of Queen Street decked out in flags, stalls and visitors. It is part one of the St George’s day celebrations, there being much more going on tomorrow.

Here are a selection of snaps from earlier today.

Queen Street looks very busy approaching from the New Pavilion.The train to nowhere... and back.Lots of stallsA stage set up next to what is bound to become known as Bertie's Corner (as opposed to Burton's Corner)The slide moved from its normal home outside the Town Hall to Wesley Street.Donkeys entertain the small childrenThese Beefeater types appeared to be from another Brass BandThe Sally Army Brass Band in Windsor Court. Three Brass Bands within 300m, this must be Yorkshire...A very colourful planterThe planter looking the other way.One of the many special hanging basket (lamp) posts.PJ's favourite- hook a duck.One of the classic cars- a Reliant Robin, in Trotter colours!That's more like it- a really long Yank Tank, a Cadillac.I thought I was going to have to report "Happysaks" to the apostrophe police......then realised it was probably the Market Manager who had committed punctuation crime.