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Trespassers will be electrocuted

(Well, it made me smile!)

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Non-celebrity deaths

I’m fairly indifferent to the two big name deaths in the news today. I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me. However, I got to hear about two people who I knew slightly having recently died. The first is … Continue reading

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A birthday visit…

When we were in California, we dropped in on the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. It is arguably the most famous Cinema in the world and has hosted hundreds of Premieres since it opened on May 18th 1927. By co-incidence, … Continue reading

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The debt timebomb ticking Prestissimo…

Click through to see what the clock is up to now. Frightening. (Hat tip- City Unslicker)

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Happy Fathers Day

Breakfast in bed this morning, David came up first to make sure I was awake (& for a quick bout of all in wrestling). When it is Mum’s turn she gets smiley pancakes and a song, I got toast, a … Continue reading

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