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One born every minute…

A Sucker, that is. On our recent trip to America, we were deceived in various ways three times by enterprising Americans. Each one is worthy of closer analysis. The first one I’ll call the plausible panhandler. A tall, black lady, … Continue reading

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The quango cabinet

This has been a very bad week for the Labour Party. I’m delighted of course. We now have a cabinet with seven unelected cronies, the makings of a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation. Craig Murray calls it the most undemocratic Government for … Continue reading

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Where’s Wally?

During our extended blogger break, the Greys managed to fit in a holiday over in California. America has many joys, along with a few bummers as well, but I’ll save them for another time. Anyway, visiting the San Frncisco Museum … Continue reading

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The power of the pencil

Today is polling day in Britain. It is a fallow year for local elections in the Leeds area as we have a Medieval agrarian voting system of electing a third of the Councillors every year then having a year to … Continue reading

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