Navy Blue Knickers

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I tried it out with shool uniforms and was slightly taken aback to find some that certainly weren’t what I was looking for! ¬†Anyway, this Japanese Korean one will do for now).
Japanse school uniform

There is an old saying that when you have a baby, you might as well empty your wallet onto the counter at Boots, then later at Mothercare (who go up to Ten, as their adverts used to say).

When they get to 11, you then need to do the same thing at the school outfitters. Today we spent some time in Morley visiting what used to be known as Khalid Fashions, now called the Uniform Centre. The guys are very helpful there and they know their stuff. Our trip today cost us more than £73 and that excludes the craft apron (coming Monday) as well as various shirts and trousers that we have been getting from M&S and ASDA in anticipation of David starting at Woodkirk High in September. (We are holding off on footwear as his feet are already huge and growing rapidly).

Now interestingly, many High Schools have set up their own Uniform shops in recent years and some have been using “Stagecoach tactics” to squeeze out the little guys like the Khalids. It has now been frowned on as a fundraiser by the Government though and the little guys are fighting back. I was pleased to see The Uniform shop van parked opposite the entrance on the year 7 intake briefing night and we spotted it again outside Morley High for one of theirs.

These days there are great efforts made to make the transition into High School as painless as possible for youngsters which is a far cry from mine forty years ago.

I can clearly remember my school placement letter arriving and with it was the list of things I needed. It was foolscap sized, duplicated and double sided. It specified all of the clothes items of course, along with geometry items like set squares and a pair of compasses. (When I went up to 6th Form, a slide rule was recommended, along with something called French Curves which sounded rather exotic but turned out to be some plastic wiggly things for drawing graphs. The green lead centred flexible curves that one or two kids had were impressive though.)

My mum took me to a uniform shop in Newcastle (possibly in Grey Street, I was impressed with the extent of their stock) and we duly returned laden with provisions.

For carrying stuff to school, a briefcase or a haversack was recommended. What the list didn’t tell you was that only swots used a briefcase and the only two in our class were myself and Gavin Atkinson. (I rapidly transitioned to a Haversack which whilst having two straps was only to be worn over one shoulder otherwise you were categorised as a Puff or a Spaka. Sadly, Gavin’s Dad was a teacher at Kenton and he had to keep the swot-bag but he was called those things anyway).

Anyway, all these years on, the one thing that sticks in my mind from that list for Kenton School in 1969 was that girl Pupils were obliged to wear navy blue knickers. I don’t recall it being prescriptive for boys but there again, we didn’t have to wear skirts…

A fresh faced 11 year old Shadester in his first high school uniform

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  1. Craft apron? When I were a lad in junior school we wore old dad’s shirts backwards to protect us from poster paint splashes. And in the senior school of the independent school (ex-direct grant grammar) I attended, one of the most popular stalls at the Christmas and other fairs was for second hand uniforms – the school took a cut for funds and parents kept the rest.

  2. They have two now:- a craft apron (grey) for watching the teacher do things with wood and metal, then a Food Technology apron (white) for watching a teacher cook.

  3. My school gym uniform had navy blue cotton knickers. It was the ugliest thing going. A very short dress thing with sleeves and the knickers. More like bloomers really.

    If I had a photo, no one would believe it today.

  4. My mum informs me that there were two outfitters in Newcastle, one doing Grammar Schools, the other everyone else (but their stock was starting to overlap by 1969). She recalled the name Isaac Walton (who are still trading, they look the hunting & shooting type so they probably did the Grammars & private schools).

    She recalls having to buy me a gabardine coat and a bottle green school cap when I started at Stocksfield Avenue Primary in 1963.

  5. I can remember we had to wear bottle green knickers and as it was the first era of the miniskirt the length of our skirts was measured every Monday morning! Having spent most of my life in secondary teaching, I am against school uniform.

  6. I know a couple of teachers and they have different views on uniform. My sister in law teaches in a large Comp with slightly relaxed rules for 6th formers and she says she sometimes mistakes the older students for newly qualified teachers!

  7. born in the north 1950,s evan at junior school right through to secondary modern all the girls wore navy blue knickers,i always had a desire to touch them as if by accident,had to know what they felt like the girls didnt seem to have aproblem sitting in a way that one could see up the skirt. oh the good days . now in later years im transsexual and love my knickers of all types

  8. Is it? I didn’t look too closely and wherever Google found it called it Japanese. It certainly isn’t Japanese characters though now I have looked closer, so I have updated the text.

  9. dear welshcakes,thankyou for your input on your bottle green knickers you wore for school,you look very nice if i may say so,and very strict,did you use corporal punishment at school or recieve it? thankyou and good luck. dave.

  10. the ONE thing that i most liked,(no!,loved);and yet;-`hated,-` when i recall my `secondary-school`-years,(1969-to-1972);- was the FACT! that i “became”, addicted to the girl`s,-`NAVY-BLUE-KNICKERS!!!:-
    now,-here i am; some 39-year`s-later,…….
    it`s just that nowaday`s;- i would SURELY be BRANDED A “PERVERT”;-
    simply because i still AM!!!;-CRAZY ABOUT THEM!,(soiled one`s,- i mean!!!).
    OH,WELL;-at least, back in the 1970`s/MEN DID!!! HAVE EQUAL-RIGHT`S,-TO WOMEN!!!.

  11. My wife tells me she wore
    her navy blue school knickers all the time right up to the age of 18 years old

  12. “My wife tells me she wore
    her navy blue school knickers all the time right up to the age of 18 years old”

    The same pair? – Yeuch!!!

  13. We had to wear white knickers for normal lessons and royal blue knickers for PE. Occasionally the staff would do a knicker and skirt length check straight after assembly. It would amaze people now how much a skirt could shrink and unshrink in the space of a short walk to the hall and back.

  14. At our all girls grammar school we had to wear thick navy blue knickers under our uniform skirts,i hated them.

  15. Colin, I hope I never have to find out in the flesh, so to speak…

    Is the main purpose of the sporran to downplay Gentleman’s bumps?

  16. I hated my navy blue knickers,we had to wear them back in the 60’s,we had checks to make sure we were wearing them,i went to an all girls grammar school they were very strict about our uniforms.

  17. my first wife told me her bottle green school knickers were the
    most comfortable knickers she had ever worn

  18. I used to wear navy blue pe knickers at school and some private schools still do I enjoyed pe and the knickers never bothered me even in mixed class because boys wore nylon white shorts mmm I think todays pe kit to long bring back navy blue pe kit I still have mine and my daughter likes them and she likes wearing leotard

  19. Those were the days I recall the girls in their navy blue pe knickers and short skirts and boys in white shorts my sister kept her navy blue pe knickers they feel great

  20. John glad to hear you like wearing your sister old pe knickers I still got mine my hubby likes me to wear them then spank me

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