Oddball Inside

By the way, the conserved walking dragline goes by the name of “Oddball” because it needs 60Hz mains and the guts are made by General Electric rather than Westinghouse. Not exactly a noble nickname.

These motor sets in the back of the machine house converted the 60 Hz AC to DC in order to run the hauling engines. Judging from the fans in the back wall it got hot in there.One of the large drums for the bucket, probably the hauling setBehind the hauling winches, facing forwardsSomewhere to boil a kettle...The panels between the photographers are for the electrical switchgear.David's view from the driving seat.The view back from the tip of the jib.The large bucket can be seen to the rightDavid inside the huge (rust)bucketOne of the two huge pads used for walking.A model of Oddball demonstrates how it moved and excavated.David holds a short offcut from the mains cable that powered Oddball

Edit- I’d misfiled these two after resizing them:

The large blue machine to the right is a frequency converter- a 50 Hertz moter is coupled to a 60 Hertz generator.Looking back on the jib walkway from the added visitor staircase