Rubbing shoulders with the famous

I met two blogosphere legends last week, one unexpected.

The first one was Iain Dale, at the Total Politics Question Time event in Leeds. (I got offered a late cancellation). The event was at a new hotel near to dark arches and parking was tricky, I was in danger of getting locked in so had to leave early. (This wasn’t helped by the event starting late but I enjoyed the thirty minutes or so of discussion, particularly the very perceptive David Davis, who very politely ripped Rachel Reeves a new orifice for using the perjorative term “Climate Change deniers”.

The second one was in Blackpool and I was delighted to meet Mr. Monkey. Mr. Rik (his handler) initially appeared slightly disappointed that I didn’t recognise Mr. Monkey’s URL The house of the orange monkey (apparently there are copycat sites) but after a brief discussion about a couple of interesting visits Mr. Monkey had made I knew that he was the real McCoy (McCoy Monkey, that is).

Mr. Monkey doesn’t like water, but fortunately we were indoors at the Winter Gardens.