Divi Day

A local history book was published in Morley back in January, looking back at the golden days of the Co-op. I bought it mostly out of wanting to support local history projects but it considerably exceeded my expectations.

The book charted the social and architectural jigsaw of the rise and fall of the Cooperative Society in the town. At its peak there were five distinct sets of adjoining retail premises along with twenty-one branch shops in outlying areas, warehouses and even a pie factory.

The book can be bought at Co-op travel and Co-op pharmacy in town and you can read a review here.

There are still snippets of history around the town un-noticed to most. This photo shows where it all began 141 years ago on the corner of Albion Street and Commercial Street, the premises now belonging to a firm of Solicitors.

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  1. The only shop now selling ‘DIVI DAY ‘, ( an oral history of part of Morley’s heritage) is
    The Co-op Travel, White Rose Shopping Centre.

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