Shaking the money tree…

I’ve never had any involvement with Bailiffs, however I have recently read that they frequently break the law but the Police aren’t interested, calling it a Civil matter.

Then Bradford Council tried to swindle Dr. Richard North (from the EUReferendum blog…)


To-kill a bailiff

Attacking the money tree

The siege of bradford

Fighting back

Good advice

Siege-of-Bradford day two

Shaking the money tree

Siege of bradford day three

Rule of law

Suicide note from the centre


I have picked out the pertinent posts in order. I like this observation from a commenter-

“It is very simple; they baited you, they got hit by an exocet, they did not even feel the impact and now they are sinking. “

I’ve already asked LCC via FOI his question about numbers and costs to see if Leeds are playing the same game.

It is an interesting statistic that so many people don’t pay their Council Tax until the summons stage, and that the mainstream media don’t report it…