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Shades is otherwise known as Ian Grey, a fat bloke rapidly approaching middle age. He lives with his Child Bride Karen and his loopy 11 year old Son David in one of the slightly better parts of Morley, West Yorkshire.

Morley is a dormitory town of Leeds, although the older Morleians are in denial about this since the big 1974 Tory local Government shake-up. Morley is a mill town famous for its marvellous Town Hall, Shoddy and Charity Shops. Otherwise, Morley is full of dark satanic mills (slowly being converted ito luxury apartments), Chapels (see Mills) and Victorian Shops (many of which are charity shops, apart from the Co-op, which is a Bank, a sweet shop and err… being converted to luxury apartments) .

Shades was born in Newcastle (the “Toon”) but has also lived in Coventry, Maidenhead, Camberley, Bracknell, Nottingham and Long Eaton before settling down in Yorkshire. Having lived in God’s own County for nearly fifteen years, he is looking forward to being de-classified as a newcomer in the next decade or so.

Shades is a former Morley Town Councillor, serving for three years until he twigged what a waste of time it was (& worthy of the title Morley Numptorium). He decided not to restand and probably wouldn’t have got re-elected anyway, being too much of a loose cannon to agree to be a Morley Independent. Getting elected in 2004 was the impetus to start blogging and he is still at it some 1400 posts later.

Shades is into architecture, industrial archaeology, entertainment technology, lighting and unified communications. He is a wannabe Urbexer and a former Eighteen Plus National Officer. He was the founder member of Morley Community Radio, which streams to the Interweb monthly.

Update Jan 2007- Blog Policy

The slumbering beast awakes, Ian is poking Morley radio back into awareness. One eye open so far…

This blogger occasionally swears, but normally for punctuation or affect rather than for adjectives. Opinions are the views of the author who believes in free speech with all the consequences that implies. Regretfully Free Speech is only permitted in Britain provided that it agrees with received wisdom and crazy hate crime laws mean that some perfectly rational opinions that may offend somebody (anybody) are proscribed if spoken out loud rather than just internalised.

This site is private property, anyone is welcome to post comments here but I won’t tolerate spam or defamation and reserve the right to delete stuff just because I feel like it. If you don’t like it, fuck off and get your own blog. I will respect all requests for corrections or removal of images where I feel it is reasonable to do so, however I reserve the right to issue an explanation or comment rather than just make the changes silently.

I have no malign intent to libel anyone, make implications that are misleading or breach copyright of other people’s images but will robustly defend my stance if I am bullied or manipulated. If you are paid by the public purse, you are subject to public scrutiny and I regard you as fair game. If you are a politician, I am reluctant to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I have no desire to manipulate anybody, however I enjoy persuading people towards a common goal for things I feel passionate about. This is known as assertiveness and is a good thing. I am wary of stuff like NLP because some people can be easily led and not everyone is entirely mentally stable within accepted norms.

I enjoy shocking people with provocative statements, however if we were in a room together you would probably be rolling about laughing as I enjoy humour in its many forms. This doesn’t always come across in the spoken word so occasionally people get offended. I can’t offend anybody in isolation- they have to choose to be offended.

I can occasionally be deliberately rude, especially if you offend my value system. If you are a cold caller who feigns mateyness when I don’t know you from Adam you will get short shrift.

I regard myself as an honourable person, even though I have stationary in my house from previous employers. I now take biros in to work in a bizarre role reversal of previous habits.

I mostly find that my first impressions of people are generally right, although I am always prepared to modify them based on subsequent behaviour. I thought that my best friend was a pompous self important wanker for the first day I met him and we still laugh about it.

I have strong libertarian views and they tend to bubble over into the blog if I spend too much time around the LPUK forums.

This blog is probably difficult to categorise as I talk about anything I feel like- Author’s perks.

I occasionally change the strapline, previous ones were:

  • Specialisation is for insects
  • Life, the Universe and Morleything…
  • Who’s that fat bastard?
  • Ruminations of Ian, Karen and David
  • Challenging political correctness in local politics
  • Amusing both of my readers since 2004
  • Historic Market Town with 1020 parking spaces

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  1. Re Kenton School, do you know whether Mrs Innes is still alive please? My mother , 91, taught with her at Pendower School before she went to Kenton.

  2. Were you a member of Colin’s Union of Newcastle Truckers? We all had red hooded sweatshirts and were the City Hall stage crew

  3. Hi, I read your item about nicknames from 2007. My recollection was that Lord Nigel’s real name was Nigel Springett, and the nickname came because he ‘talked posh’. As GEC Telecommunications had a relay production unit at Helen St, this was sometimes corrupted to Springset. You’ve also overlooked Dobbers (Steve Dobney) and Mrs Mona Rodwell (Rod Blackwell).

    A lot has changed since those GEC days. Hope you and yours are well.

    John Riley

  4. Hi, I don’t know how I came across your blog. Was thrilled to read your post about the Theatre Royal, Newcastle. I was married to Andy Kent who died in 2000. Thanks for sharing your memories

  5. Thanks for that Carol. I remember Andy showing me round after all of the late 70s improvements, the place was so much better after that. I also have a memory of him and Ernie taking me down to Manors WMC for a Pint!

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