The first post

I have decided to start a Weblog, or Blog, for short. It is a type of online diary and I will use it to track my campaign to try and get elected onto Morley Town Council. There is already a month of activity since deciding to stand but I will try to pick up on the story & fill in the gaps as I go along.

So far, I have written to the local papers to correct the spelling of my name, sent them my photo & biography, persuaded some of the other independents to help me drop leaflets, found a printer, found a publisher (the irrepressable Cllr Judith Elliott), designed the flyers with a lot of help and advice from other Councillors and planned when to start leafleting. There are 2,200 houses in Elmfield Ward so I am going to pick up 4,600 leaflets tomorrow from the Printers, a very helpful place in Queen’s Road near Morley high School.. I’ll not sleep soundly until I see that they are correct, they never did show me the proofs as promised but the Boss personally corrected the typos so I’m not really worried…

I am entitled to spend no more than £400.30 on my campaign, based on an allowance of £242 then 4.7p per voter (& there are 3,368 of them).

In reality, I don’t want to spend even half that as it is my money, out of my own pocket. The Party Candidates will probably have it covered by their Constituency offices but other than holding a Jumble Sale, Independents have to fund themselves.

I met one of my opponents at the Town Council Meeting last night, Jean Lancaster standing for Labour. A very pleasant & friendly lady, well known in the community and likely to be a worthy opponent. We wished each other the best as we are both new to political participation and have essentially the same goals in mind, party politics aside. I’m not sure that her first visit to the Town Council was entirely what she expected, being based on formal rules of debate & ceremony at the full monthly meetings.

Jean has already managed to get onto the front page of the Morley Advertiser although the banner headline was

“Anti-privatisation petition branded as electioneering




Alas, I don’t have a friendly MP readily available to provide a photo-opportunity!

Original biography page

Campaign rosette
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Ian Grey’s Biography Biography

Standing for Morley Town Council

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Terry Grayshon is standing as a Morley Borough Independent in nearby Central Ward for the By-Election happening at the same time as the Elmfield vote, on Thursday July 22nd. He is also opposed by both Labour and BNP candidates. As Terry has been kind enough to include a link to this site I am delighted to reciprocate here and wish him well in his campaign.

Whilst I’m not a “Morley Borough Independent” (which is actually formally registered as a political party, apparently due to Leeds City Council playing silly beggars in recent times) I am satisfied that they are not a political party in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. accepting the party whip & using the blunt instruments of conflict & submission to (mis)manage. Indeed having known the various individuals for some time now, the phrase “herding cats” comes to mind for any approach other than collaboration.


This Web page contains the details sent to the Morley Advertiser and Observer in early July for candidate information relating to the Elmfield Ward by-election on July 22nd. Morley is a town of about 50,000 people on the south western outskirts of Leeds, West Yorkshire and was a Borough in its own right until 1974.

Ian Grey- "studio shot" actually taken in a picture framer 's shop in a Bradford market one lunchtime. Ian Grey – An introduction

Ian is 46 and lives in Morley

He is married with one Son

He works in telecommunications

He is a Trustee of the Communications Management Association

Community Activities

Local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Parent Governor at a Primary School

Treasurer of School PTA

Volunteer Webmaster for Morley Town Council

Member of Morley Civic Society

Involved in Right to Read schemes in Bradford

Former active member in Round Table (now too old!)

Chief firer at Needless Fireworks display since 2001

Recently raised £400+ abseiling for kidney research

Regular presenter to Yr11/6th formers in West Yorkshire

Has served on Committees since 1974

More info about Ian’s interests can be found at

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