Those luddite watermelons…

It seems that those of a green disposition really hate us, almost as much as they despise themselves. I swore at the radio this morning when some greeny on the Today programme accused E.On of crimes against humanity because of burning coal after 114 people were arrested apparently about to try to shut the Ratcliffe on Soar power station down. We’ll have enough power cuts to look forward to in coming years already with our shambolic energy policy without misguided swampys throwing spanners in the works. Putting aside whether co2 is actually harmful or not, if we can’t generate enough electricity to meet consumer demand then society will rapidly regress to something akin to soviet-style russia.

Then I swore at the newspaper when I read about the MEP accusing us of  Binge flying being as bad as stabbing a person on the street. That is rich coming from an MEP- the junket of moving between Brussels & Strasbourg must fill several Bread & Circus tents with Carbon Dioxide.

Then I swore at the computer when I read about David Attenborough’s joining of the Optimum Population Trust. They have a pledge to stop at two children you can sign. For years now, we hve been told that Europe is a declining population, that the growth is down to Africans, Chavs  & Muzzies who don’t know or care about contraception. Indeed population growth in Britain is down to more hopeful immigrants coming in than so-called white flight emigrants leaving trying for a better life elsewhere.

The Optimum Population Trust believes that Earth may not be able to support more than half its present numbers before the end of this century, and that the UK’s long-term sustainable population level may be lower than 30 million. 

Well, if our energy supply is knackered, our economy is a busted flush and we are living in Yurts then they are probably right.

Tomorrow, the clock strikes thirteen.

1984 starts as follows…

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

That was set on April 4th, 1984, although George Orwell actually wtote most of it in 1944 and was originally going to call the book Nineteen-fortty-eight.

Twenty five years (and two days) later, the total panopticon ratchet tightens up several clicks. From tomorrow, for Britons, every phone call you make or receive, every email you send or receive, every web site you visit, will be logged and retained. 

We are told it isn’t the contents of your communication, (yet), the State isn’t opening every virtual envelope, just making a note of what is written on the outside. That is an awful lot of data and is very useful for fishing expeditions.

How long before anonymizing services get blocked by ISPs, on a “voluntary basis” of course?

This is all to do with The War Against Terror, being implemented on behalf of Yoorop by those T.W.A.T.ters in Parliament.

Here is one way to give the spooks the finger, courtesy of Ian PJ at the Libertarian Party.

Meanwhile, the lyrics to this song get more sinister each time I hear them.

Please pay attention

Several street billboards have Change4Life nag notices in Bradford, designed to make people think about their children’s lifestyles. I snapped a couple today, shown below.

Sign outside the library

signage- sugary drinks

odeon- glare from the sun is reflecting off the plastic sheet, obscuring the message

The wonders of contrast adjustment manages to recover the message.

The message, only in not so many words

Fiscal stimulus and sheds- New Tellys anyone?

If you have been vaguely thinking of upgrading to high definition TV but waiting until your old telly needed replacing, you may have to get your finger out, as the bansturbators are at it again, with another bit of greenwash.

Giant plasma TVs face ban in battle to green Britain

Another story caught my eye was about fridges shutting themselves down at the behest of the Electricity Board to save energy. This is complete and utter cockwaffle, it isn’t anything to do with saving energy at all, it is a mechanism for the national grid to be able to shed load at the times of peak demand. If you turn off your fridge for an hour, it will simply use that energy running continuously until the chiller compartment reaches working temperature again.

Fridges (and night storage heaters) are the only domestic appliances that can be deprived of power for short periods without anyone noticing or it making much difference.

It isn’t widely understood that electricity supply has to meed demand or otherwise the voltage dips and the frequency drops. This is because all those huge power stations with their generators spinning at 3000 RPM are feeling the load and slowing down. (Think back to when you were a kid and how much more effort was needed to work the dynamo for the lights on your bike, assuming you didn’t have batteries, or even acetylene).

Now there is a failsafe mechanism to protect the grid called the frequency service. If the mains frequency dips below a certain level, certain large industrial companies instantly shed large loads that are not critical to their business, i.e. a cold store can do without refridgeration and a smelting works  can cope without power for twenty minutes. These customers are paid for the privilege of course, but as we don’t actually make very much in Britain any more, I imagine that is pretty much max-ed out.  (Once demand exceeds supply then once the two welsh storage facilities are empty then it is rolling blackouts).

By the way, if a fridge is not cooling due to load shedding, I’m sure the light inside will still come on. There might be a little green LED to show it isn’t running, although a brown LED might be more appropriate.

(This initiative brought to you by the EUSSR, thinking about the future so you don’t have to. Look out for more bansturbation coming your way soon!)