The four elephants of the election apocalypse

Last week, I saw a cracking blockpost about the four elephants in the room that none of the Political parties are mentioning. Trouble is, I can’t find it again. Does it ring any bells with either of my readers?

It wasn’t anything to do with Discworld and the great A’Tuin. The elephants were the EU, the National Debt, the Energy Crisis & something else that will be obvious with hindsight.

EDIT- Found it- Christopher Booker in the Telegraph.

A tale of two toilets

Two extremes yesterday. In Morley, it was the open day for the Fire Station and Police Station. Whilst they don’t use their custody suite any more (as evidenced by the other cells being full of filing boxes!) Cell number four had been emptied in order for the law abiding to see how the other half lives. ┬áDavid tested out the low level bunk but fortunately not the toilet, which had a cling film cover to discourage use. No seat, an observation peephole and flushed from outside by the Custody Officers. Not a pleasant way to spend an evening at the Discomfort Inn.

Contrast that with a trip to Forbidden Corner, for a Charity Barbecue. Forbidden Corner is a Folly near Leyburn in North Yorkshire, we have wanted to go there for a while but it is necessary to pre-book and the thought of doing it in bad weather did not appeal. Fortunately it was a balmy evening and a fun couple of hours searching through the rather peculiar attraction for stickers to put on our collection card for the prize draw. There were surprises all over the place, but the biggest one of all was in the toilets in the car park. You entered through outhouse Privys (fortunately out of order!) into luxurious surroundings. The Ladies was smart but undistinguished, whilst the Gents was decorated with an exotic mural and you were able to pick a Continent of your choice for the purposes of micturation.

waitingDavid looking through the hatch. Fortunately, it was locked open.The cistern external to the cell. Note the day and night lamps in the glazed boxThe view of the cell toilet through the spyholesignage in Forbidden Corner car parkThe Gents muralThe four urinals in alcoves, sink trough on the back wallThe American beautyThe European Maiden
The African QueenThe Asian Babe