Little donkey, little donkey…

This week, I went to see Show of Hands and we all went to see Hairspray. That is our last theatre outing now until Boxing Day after a busy couple of months. Plenty of shows coming up in 2011 though, including booking for Sister Act in 12 months time.

Today, we dressed our tree and put the tinsel up. A little early this year, but we have a Grandma staying next week for “Not Christmas” so want to make the house festive. I found two “Three Bird Roasts” at Aldi to replace our usual Tommy the Turkey and I snapped them up, because last year once they had been advertised on the telly you couldn’t find them anywhere.

We don’t buy new tree ornaments very often, the ones we bought back in the days B.D. (Before David) are lasting well. My favourite one is Eeyore holding a Bauble. This is probably not quite what the late Eric Boswell had in mind!