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Snow domes

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Global warming arrives in Bradford

It has been a bit snowy in much of England. It wasn’t too bad getting to work but by 10am it was snow showering and making some roads difficult. The centre of Bradford was pretty much gridlocked for a few … Continue reading

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The four elephants of the election apocalypse

Last week, I saw a cracking blockpost about the four elephants in the room that none of the Political parties are mentioning. Trouble is, I can’t find it again. Does it ring any bells with either of my readers? It … Continue reading

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Power to the People

On March 28th, the Greenies were encouraging everyone to switch off their lights for an hour at 8:30pm local time. There was much press headline tokenism like the Piccadilly Circus Coca-Cola sign being switched off, but when it came down … Continue reading

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Those luddite watermelons…

It seems that those of a green disposition really hate us, almost as much as they despise themselves. I swore at the radio this morning when some greeny on the Today programme accused E.On of crimes against humanity because of … Continue reading

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