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Well, I found it funny…

Cash for… err…the war on terror

(Pay no attention to that rude word near the curtain). These guys crack me up. More over at IndieGogo. (A couple of years back I bought Karen the War on TerrorĀ board gameĀ for Christmas. We have yet to play it…)

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Not The Royal Wedding Video

(This is based on an American wedding walkdown seen on Youtube a while back). Hat tip Ken Frost…

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Titter Ye Not!

You can buy Chocolate Starfish in Morley Greggs…

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The smelliest balls in Bridlington

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He’s a very naughty boy!

Opening my latest copy of Viz today, a postcard plopped out advertising a special one-off performance of Not the Messiah. It is on all over the Country (& Europe) for one night only, Thursday night. (If you can’t make it, … Continue reading

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