I am getting a large number of spam comments that Akismet isn’t catching.

As it has become a pain, I’ve closed off comments on old posts (over 90 days).

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Being called shades of grey…

I wonder if my hit counts have gone up?

Nothing pervy here, apart from the incoming comments on the “Navy Blue knickers” post that are a bit iffy on occasion.

I was tagged on facebook in this photo though…

Bradford CityPark

I have been watching this public space being constructed ever since we moved into our new building at work.

It has been much maligned as an expensive folly but finally Bradford was buzzing with vast crowds & surreal attractions.

Yesterday evening was the grand opening Finale’, a climax to an afternoon of quirky events and the place was packed.

Here is some phone footage of the final sequence, complete with fireworks and the big 100′ jet to cap it off.

We were a bit puzzled to see the Liver Birds there earlier, especially as they were still happily perched on the Royal Liver Building four hours before…