Shaking the money tree…

I’ve never had any involvement with Bailiffs, however I have recently read that they frequently break the law but the Police aren’t interested, calling it a Civil matter.

Then Bradford Council tried to swindle Dr. Richard North (from the EUReferendum blog…)


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Shaking the money tree

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I have picked out the pertinent posts in order. I like this observation from a commenter-

“It is very simple; they baited you, they got hit by an exocet, they did not even feel the impact and now they are sinking. “

I’ve already asked LCC via FOI his question about numbers and costs to see if Leeds are playing the same game.

It is an interesting statistic that so many people don’t pay their Council Tax until the summons stage, and that the mainstream media don’t report it…









A deep double dip!

Walking past our information screens at work today, I did a big double-take on seeing this headline. Waiting around for a couple of minutes with my phone-cam primed, it popped up again.

The economy is obviously much worse than people have been telling us…

Conspiracy or cock-up?

This blog was started six years ago as an experiment when I decided to stand for election on our local Town Council. I blogged what was involved in standing for office and 1,667 posts later I am still here.

I don’t blog very much these days as it is a very busy time at the moment, although it is rare that a day goes by without my outlining a blog topic in my head.

Back in 2007, after three years as an elected Councillor, I decided not to re-stand. There were several reasons for this, including a serious disillusionment with local politics and being in the undiagnosed stage of a chronic illness that left me with little energy or inclination to care. I did start up the Morleygate blog though, which gave me a platform to grumble about what shenanigans our local politicians were up to.

Anyway, I was bumbling along occasionally pontificating on the Morley Facegroup (under a theatrical pseudonym) when someone mentioned that the Town Council annual report was out but with some missing figures.

The story is all told at Morleygate so I won’t recount it here, but in a nutshell, expenditure and closing balances were redacted (i.e. censored) from the annual report published mid-august despite the figures having to be revealed by law by the 30th September. Digging into the matter further, the Council revealed through clenched teeth that they would have been prepared to break the law to keep these figures hidden.


Arrogance, certainly, but what about ignorance? Well the wheels are in motion to remove the mud from their clarifications.

Now the Council did reveal the figures on August the 20th by posting up the statutory notice of completion of audit, documents up on the Town Council noticeboard for exactly two weeks. For that fortnight, on the left, the real figures, on the right the censored ones. Needless to say, all that remains are the ones with the missing numbers.

However, the statutory display was not without its faults- the page which showed the balance sheet was located by the scabbiest bit of the notice board which was obscured by grime, condensation, residual sellotape and scratches.

Strange that. Conspiracy or cock up? You decide.

Having given a totally piss poor set of answers to a set of perfectly straight forward questions (posted on day 19 of the obligatory 20 day response period), I was not amused, they picked the wrong man to piss off.

I’m now giving them a damn good kicking and they totally, thoroughly deserve it.

More soon.

Sport for all

Not only do we have a brand new (if somewhat ordinary) sports centre in Morley, but we also have some outdoor fitness stations, courtesy of the Parish Council.

The publication of a photo in the ’tiser showing a number of Councillors somewhat unlikely to use the equipment caused much merriment on Facebook.

I wandered over to have a look earlier today, here are the berrysnaps.

Meanwhile, in the adjoining refurbished playground, there has been much criticism of the use of sand under the space net. It is in the process of being replaced by (or topped up with) wood chippings. Notice the callous disregard for the safety elf fencing, which has been trampled underfoot.