Where’s Wally?

During our extended blogger break, the Greys managed to fit in a holiday over in California.

America has many joys, along with a few bummers as well, but I’ll save them for another time.

Anyway, visiting the San Frncisco Museum of Modern Art (known as SFMOMA), David asked me if I’d spotted Wally. ┬áNow I didn’t expect to find Wally the children’s stripy jumpered bobble hatted specky geek in such a highbrow museum and it turned out that we were both right: Wally was on a nearby rooftop readily viewable from the corridor leading to SFMOMA’s new roof garden which had only opened a few days before.

Anyway, there are no doubt many children dragged along to the rather stuffy art gallery delighted to spot Wally (or in most cases, Waldo) for themselves.

(Actually, the museum isn’t stuffy at all, but much of the installations aren’t particularly child-centric. David was bemused by the Caravan and the child surrounded by hundreds of poodles though).

Where's Wally?Ah, there he is, hiding behind the chillers.

(Click for bigger pics)