A comedy of errors…

Morley has a new Pizza parlour, Dominos in Peel Street. David has always wanted to try one on the basis that they sponsor the Simpsons.

Our Tuesday nights are minor push the boat out nights as it is Weightwatchers weigh in. We generally have (low fat) sausage sandwiches and a minor treat like crisps, chocolate & a glass of Port (or Kriek Beer).

Tonight, as my birthday is coming up, I bought some more expensive crusted Port, forgetting of the need to decant it. I have two or three crystal decanters knocking about but they are salted away in the cupboard under the stairs, the loft &/or the garage. Instead, I made do with a beaker & another nearly empty Port bottle.

As for the Pizzas, I arranged to order them suitably in advance of Karen and David collecting them, but when she arrived, they knew nothing of the order. It turned out that I had inadvertently rang the Leeds Dominos instead (they were both on the menu side by side).

When they returned, David sidled up to me and said…

“Dad, in the shop, Mum called you a knob.


What’s a knob?”

Returning for the Pizzas 20 minutes later, David carried them into the house but managed to trip up and scrape his leg on the step.

Two rather crumpled PizzasThe Piri-Piri is rather scrunched up

The Pizzas bore the brunt of it. His Hawaiian was mostly unscathed but our Piri-Piri Chicken looked rather the worse for wear.

(The Morley Branch sorted it out with the Leeds Branch, fortunately).